Solid wall or stud? That’s the question you as an Architect need to know before you design the layout of your screens. Ensuring that you can provide good groundings for wall mounted screens is the first part of the process to get right. The next step is ensuring that floor surfaces are smooth and level.

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Floor Mounted Poles are a discrete way to overcome step 1. In fact for multibed wards that need to be reconfigured every few months, floor mounted privacy screens are the way to go. They can de-installed and re-installed in seconds.

Eganmed screens are designed to accommodate lumps and bumps in the floor. If unbraked, rolling castors will roll downhill to the lowest point. Therefore, it is important where possible that the fall of the floor be no more than 5 to 10mm at any point in the room. Where the high spots and low spots exceed this tolerance, it may require the addition of extra braked castors.

Our screens are modular by design meaning with can lengthen/shorten screens on site to your exact demands. Should a panel become damaged, it’s easily fixed. You don’t have to throw away the whole screen, which in a busy medical environment, counts for a lot.

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