Our Mission

Launched in 2010, our philosophy at Eganmed has always been to provide affordable and easy to use privacy equipment that good well and performs well.
Our present range of folding privacy ward screens and telescopic medical curtains have been developed to meet the ever increasing demands of infection control, and cleaning requirements with special emphasis on ergonomics, efficiency and safety.
Our unique range of ward screens, bed dividers, mobile screens and end of bed screens are designed to be used with Patient Ceiling Hoists and other such Ceiling mounted medical equipment. This promotes good patient handling without compromising patient privacy, which is a huge challenge in healthcare settings around the world.

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Our Service

Eganmed have continued to develop and enhance our designs year on year and we are very proud of our 4th generation Mobile Privacy Screen which can also be found in Changing Places Toilets and similar disabled assisted bathrooms, high end tanning salon changing rooms, and temporary privacy solutions for Supermarkets and Covid centres basically making cubicle curtains a thing of the past.
We offer a bespoke printing service for our folding Privacy Ward Screens, which means you can create a tranquil or fun space that shows either a beautiful landscape personal to you or an image of your favourite cartoon characters. The possibilities are endless. Check out our printed screens section for more details.

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